Palisade Park New Jersey can be found in the region of Bergen County, New Jersey.

This particular area is ruled by the Borough part of the municipal government of New Jersey. The actual government includes a Borough Council and a Mayor which hold up to six members. All of these positions were voted in during a general election in November. During the month of January, 2014, a man named Christopher Chung was sworn into office. He was chosen by council members after Jason Kim formally resigned. James Rotundo has been the current Mayor of the town since 2016. He is expected to be Mayor until the end of December in 2018.

Palisade Park New Jersey is home to a wide range of education. There are a very large number of schools that start from kindergarten age and finish at grade twelve. Each of the schools have well over one thousand students and more than one hundred teachers.
Since 2010, this region has a large number of roadways that have been looked after by the municipality. Some of the roadways include: Route 5, Route, 93, County Route 501 and many more.

There are also several bus routes that travel to the area. All of these bus routes travel between the Port Authority Bus Terminal in the middle of Manhattan through to the borough.

During the month of May in 2012, Palisade Park New Jersey began to reject a large number of requests. These requests came from a couple of very diplomatic delegations who came from Japan. They wanted to take away a small monument that had been sitting in a very public park for decades. This monument contained a brass plaque on a block of stone. It was designed to help the public to remember the two hundred thousand comfort woman who had no choice but to go into sexual slavery that the Japanese soldiers forced on them. This took place during World War II. However, Palisade Park were very firm about these requests and the monument still sits in the park today.

Palisade Park New Jersey is also home to several well known people. A few of these well known people included the following:

V.H. Viglielmo – He was born during 1926 and was a student and translator of literature that came from Japan. William J. Dorgan – He was born in 1921 and died during the year 2003. He was known for being a freeholder director of Bergen County. He was also a member of the General Assembly in New Jersey. He even became Mayor in 1960 and remained Mayor until 1967. Barbara Bennett – Barbara was born during 1906 and lived until 1958. Many knew her for being an actress in film and stage. She was also a dancer. Barbara McLean – This amazing lady was around from 1903 to 1996. She was a film editor and even won an Academy Award for the film Wilson. She won this in 1944. John J. Dickerson – John was born during the year 1900 and died in 1966. He was a well known politician who became Mayor of the area during 1939 until 1952. He was also a chairman for the Republican State Committee of New Jersey.

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