When do leaky pipes cause water damage?

Leaking pipes is a common problem that homeowners tend to encounter with their plumbing. Leaking pipes increases water bills, reduces water pressure and to sum it up, it can also be annoying. However, these leaky pipes can cause significant damages to your property thus, it is recommended to look for a professional plumber as fast as possible to repair the leakages.

To fully understand how leaky pipes cause water damages, it would be important to first, understand the effects or rather the consequences of a simple water leak.

Consequences of water leaks

How do homeowners acknowledge the effects of leaking pipes? Often, water pipes are fixed through the walls and floors of the house and it’s normal to have leaky pipes once in a while but it’s also important to know when they cause water damages. To identify water damage from leaking pipes, as a homeowner, you always know the condition of your house. Therefore, it’s obvious that when the changes begins to show as a result of the leaking pipes, you’ll be able to note the changes in your house conditions and these may include;

  1. Molds and fungal growth

One of the biggest effects of water damage to your house and health is the mold and fungal growth. Apart from causing health hazard, based on the fact that the leaking pipe creates a conducive environment to the growth of mold, the standing water will enhance the development of fungal and molds onto the walls of your house in-turn, both organic growths will tend to eat through your building materials like the drywalls and so on which will significantly weaken the walls and other building materials involved. In addition, this can cause a significant amount of structural damage that may lead to collapse of the ceiling tiles and loosening of floor tiles thus, you’ll need to do repairs that can be costly and even cause larger issues.

  1. Paint and wall-paper peeling

Often, water pipes are fixed through walls and when water seeps behind the same walls due to leaky pipes, it can cause cosmetic damage. This is when paints fall off the walls. In addition, it can lead to warping of wallpaper and peeling away. Other water damages include causing other types of surface-damage like DE-laminating plywood as well as other wall materials.

  1. Floor-board warping and wood rot.

Most home pipes run beneath floorboards thus when the leaking starts; the wood will obvious start to wrap and if the water damage continues then it can lead to deterioration from wood-rot that can be quite expensive to repair.

Considering other types of damages that leaky pipes cause to your home, structural damage is the biggest issue of concern. It weakens floor materials that can lead to appliances and furniture failing through while ceiling collapse can further cause a major physical danger to people living in the house. In addition, the cost incurred in repairs can be immense. However, if these leaking pipes are identified and repaired n time then you can prevent yourself from experiencing serious water damage.

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