I remember back then the I used to watch the popular tv show titled How I Met Your Mother. In the popular sitcom the protagonists always had a running gag of New Jersey. They would repeat it from season to season, how they hate New Jersey or New Jersey is the worst place on earth. Thus, being a child back and knowing nothing about anything about the external world, it was ingrained in my mind that nothing can or will ever be good about New Jersey.

Fast forward 10 years after that event that my mind was already convinced that New Jersey was the most horrible place in the world, a friend invited me to a trip. My friend from college back then said that “Hey let us go to my hometown for the holidays” I answered “Yea sure, where?” He replied the worst answer of all “Bergenfield, New Jersey”. When those words came out of his mouth I was stunned and shocked. I never thought my closest friend in college would be living in the worst place in the world (I was wrong). But due to him being my friend I agreed to join him for the holidays and packed my bags and went to New Jersey.

When I went to New Jersey I was stunned. I never thought of the place to be so beautiful. I remember, the first time when I walked the streets of the neighborhood of Bergenfield, my mind was just completely blown off, because the place isn’t as horrible as I initially thought it would be.


You know why I love Bergenfield? It is because this town is superbly kind to me. This stretch of 7 kilometers of kind land isn’t anywhere to be found in the other districts of USA. This place is even called the 2nd safest town in the United States of America and one of the best places to live in New Jersey.

Moreover, the best feature of this town is simple, the people. There isn’t one dominant race here that overrules the others, which means that people actually love each other instead of hating each other. With that being said, people actually co-exist together, because the biggest surprise for me when I arrived at Bergenfield was that my friend is actually having a genuine friendship with his neighbor.

It was a whole new world for me when I saw that, because in my place, I do not even know the name of my next door neighbor. When I would see my neighbor, I would just wave and smile for civility; however, here people actually exchange food, exchange chatter, etc. Its like the whole neighborhood just one big happy family that supports each other. Everyone knows each other in Bergenfield.

Additionally, though people are the best features of this town there are spots also here which you would like to visit here. There is the place called Empanada Mania, wherein you can taste the popular Spanish pastry called Empanada which is a stuffed bread filled with meat. There is also the Cooper Pond where you can trudge around or if you are feeling spiritual there is the Saint Evangelist Roman Catholic Church where you can join the whole community of Bergenfield attends mass.

Bergenfield is such a wonderful town and because of it my horribly erred perception of New Jersey has been changed. For me this is the best town to live in the United States. Sure it doesn’t have the sky rise buildings or the grumpy and rowdy city life of New York or the beautiful beaches down at Miami. But what it does have are the people, and they are the reason why you should try and visit this underrated town of Bergenfield, New Jersey.


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