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Water Damage Cleanup and Removal

Water damage can really be a huge damper on your life. Due to the nature of water, it can literally get through every tiny crack in your home without you even knowing it, which causes all kinds of damage, mainly black mold. Mold damage presents even bigger issues, which can lead to structural damage within your home or even bad health issues.

Water damage is concerning to homeowners because it usually happens in spots that are not often used or accessed such as your basement or attic.  By the time that most people discover it, the damage is already done.  The good news is, our water remediation experts use the latest, most effective equipment and tools to remove water from your house and restore you back to your normal life.

Regardless of the issue, whether it was storm damage or flooding because of a busted pipe or sewer line break or faulty appliance which uses a lot of water, all it takes is one phone call at any time of day and we will be on the scene quickly. For more information on our residential or commercial water damage Restoration  Services , call us today at 201-321-7575.

Basement Water Damage Cleanup

Flooded basements and crawlspaces present big challenges. Hidden moisture can lead to mold and mildew in tight spaces that you may not even know exist and it can ruin valuables that you may have stored in there.  We have the ability to detect water damage and then cleanup anything in your basement quickly. If you have water in your basement, time is of the essence.  Call us quickly.

Broken, Burst, & Frozen Pipes

Homes that are not well insulated or that are left vacant with no heat will usually cause frozen pipes in cold areas.  In turn, those frozen pipes can burst.  These breaks are difficult to see immediately because they usually happen in the basement where the heat is poorly regulated. Broken pipes are a common cause of water damage, which could cause water to flood other parts of your home.  Sprinkler pipes can also freeze and when this happens, water can come into your home through window wells and even walls because these pipes break beneath the surface of your home. Often times this water can go unnoticed for a few days because these pipes break underground.  This can cause a lot of damage to your house.

A frozen, broken or leaky pipe are all issues that will eventually lead to major problems in the long run.  If you ignore these repairs, they will only get worse and will wind up becoming very expensive as water damage can lead to an unstable home structure and damage to your possessions. Give us a call today so we can fix these problems as soon as possible.

Sewage Damage Cleanup and Removal in New Jersey

Our company is a well-trained leader in sewage cleanup and restoration. As the name implies, sewage is extremely hazardous to your health and home. If left alone, bacteria from raw sewage will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage to your home, not to mention long term effects to your health. Damage from sewage is also very unsightly, not to mention disgusting and should be removed as soon as possible.

Our technicians can help relieve you from the severe emotional trauma of seeing your home in ruins and physical hazards of cleaning up your home after a raw sewage incident. Fortunately for homeowners, most homeowner insurance policies will cover this type of damage. If you are experiencing any kind of raw sewage damage, call us immediately!

Sewage Damage Cleanup

Are you experiencing sewer damage? Sewage damage is a very serious problem – especially if this waste-water leaks into your home or office building. Jersey Water Damage Restoration Services understands the severity of sewage water damage to your property and acts quickly to promptly remove sewage and repair leakage to prevent further damage and contamination.

Occasionally, depending on the situation and the severity of the damage, you can repair sewage damage yourself.  However, most of the time, a professional sewage damage company is required because we are properly trained to disinfect and sanitize the environment to prevent dangerous microbial growth. If left untreated or improperly treated, damage from water and sewage will cause serious health problems down the road, especially in children and senior citizens with weak immune systems, as well as in those who suffer from chronic respiratory issues.  Exposure to raw sewage water can also cause a number of related diseases such as Hepatitis A and Giardia.

Please call us at 201-321-7575 for more information or to have us come take a look at the damage.