Sump pumps are a fantastic way for homeowners to protect their home from leaks or pipe bursts. If you or someone you know has come home and found their basement or sub–floor flooded from a busted pipe or a flood, then you know how devastating this can be.

At Vinny’s Jersey Plumbing, we provide professional sump pump service in New Jersey.  Installations, repairs, maintenance, or replacements: we can handle any sump pump task that is required.

We’ve been in business for several years and we have expert plumbers on staff who are sump pump specialists.  We have helped countless homeowners with all of their sump pump needs. We’re available 24/7 for emergency sump pump repair service in New Jersey.  We’re completely licensed and insured for your protection as well.

Sump Pump Installation

In order to be effective, a sump pump needs to be installed at the lowest point of your home.  For many homeowners, this is in their basement or, if you don’t have a basement, somewhere in the sub–floor.  We provide sump pump installation for all types of homes and we will guide you with a consultation about exactly where would be the best location for your sump pump.

Once the lowest point of your property has been located, a hole needs to be dug and the sump pump placed inside of it.  What we will do is attach a pipe to the sump pump and run it out to where the water can be safely disposed of. During a flood, the water will naturally flow to the lowest point of the ground beneath your home and begin to fill up this hole. Once the water reaches a certain point, the sump pump will automatically activate.

Sump Pump Repair

Hopefully, your sump pump doesn’t get a lot of use because that would mean you have a lot of water in your home.  However, if it starts to have any issues, call us so we can perform the necessary repairs.  We can fix on any type or brand of sump pump.  If your sump pump won’t turn on, it’s making a strange noise, or it can’t properly evacuate enough water, call us for the repair. We understand that you need to be able to rely on your sump pump and if it is causing any issues, we can get it fixed quickly because we are available 24/7.