The town of Lodi is in the state of New Jersey and it got
its name form the Italian city of Lodi. According to the latest statistics the
town has a population of about 25, 000 people with a population density of
about 10, 700 per square mile. Majority of the residents of this town are
whites who make about 68 percent of the total population. There are also people
of other races who are residents of this town and they include; Native Americans,
Asians, African Americans, pacific islanders and Hispanics amongst others.

Transportation in Lodi New Jersey is efficient where there
are more than 40 miles of road in the town. There is also availability of
public transportation in this town. This allows the public to move from one
place to the other with ease. When it comes to education this town has a number
of education institutions with the most prominent college being the Fellician College.
Majority of the residents of this town have studied beyond high school level
where more than 43 percent of the residents have gone to college. Many of the
residents also engage in trade instead of being employed with the number of
traders being higher than the number of professionals.

Lodi New Jersey has been struck by natural disaster in the
past such as hurricanes. But this particular town is considered safer than most
of the neighboring town in the state of New Jersey. Security is provided by the law enforcers who
are administered by both the local and federal governments. Health is provided
through the various hospitals and medical centers that are available in this
town. Most of the medical centers are private where they are operated by
private professionals. There are also a number of local banks in this town but
the majority of the banks are major banks from other areas that have branches
in the town.

The real estate sector in this town is also growing steadily
where people are building modern homes. There are real estate agents who help
people get the homes that they like. Majority of the residents are middle class
income earners and therefore they prefer moderate homes which are not too expensive.
As a result, the developers build homes which the residents can afford easily. Most
of the residents live in families and as a result they always look for
relatively large houses. However, there is a significant percentage of the
residents who live in apartments.

Lodi town experiences a number of seasons where there are
four seasons through out the year. The winters are quite cold but the summers
are warm where residents and visitors get to enjoy the outdoor environment. This
town has become a major tourist attraction mainly because of the various
historical features available in the town. Visitors get to enjoy efficient
transport because beside the public transport there is also availability of private
hire vehicles. There are also many restaurants which provide accommodation to
the people who might be visiting. Besides the restaurants there are also bars
while run late into the night therefore allowing both the residents and
residents enjoy the night life. Therefore, Lodi New Jersey is a growing town
which is expected to grow even further in the future.

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