From its humble beginning when it was a simple Dutch town in the late 1700s to early
1800s, Rutherford has grown from being a sleepy little town to a bustling city.
Gone are the days when New Yorkers fascinated by the arrival of the train line
from Patterson to Hoboken, arrived to find new land to raise their Families.

These searching New Yorkers stayed in converted homes, from residences to hotels,
along the Passaic River. The name
Rutherford was taken from the U.S.
Senator John Rutherford who owned much of the land.

One of the main attractions in Rutherford, other than its historical sites, is the annual
changing of the leaves which comes every Fall.
This beautiful display of color sparked the nickname Burough of the

Another fact about this town is that it has been the home of poets, playwrights, speech
writers and even one Tuskagee Airman. He recently passed away in 2015. The city
does sport a museum which depicts local history and it may be worth the time to
go through it. There are also some very historic homes and buildings waiting
for new visitors to walk their hallways.

It is home to Rutherford Memorial Park, 30 acres of recreational facilities. This is probably
the largest of all of Rutherford’s parks as it contains 5 baseball fields, 5
tennis courts, a football field and many other recreational facilities as well
as 3 playgrounds for children

Rutherford is also home to the longest continuous festival in the state, the Labor Day Street
Fair. Last year it enjoyed its 328th celebration in that city. If
that doesn’t get you excited then maybe the fact that Rutherford is home to the
New York Giants and The Jets football teams. If you are an avid sports fan
maybe seeing where the pros play may be more to your liking.

Or if you prefer horse racing, then maybe a vacation at the Meadowlands Racing &
Entertainment Complex is your first choice. But Rutherford has more than those
two complexes to offer the tourists that come their way. They have excellent
dining and entertainment options that rival New York City which is just an
expressway and bridge drive away.

If you do not want to pay the high hotel rates in New York City you can stay in Rutherford and commute into the Big Apple to
see a Broadway play, The Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building along
with many other fine attractions that city offers.

Another attraction is the giant Flea Market that resides in the city. The reviews are
about this market with some tourists being greatly disappointed while others
are blown away by the size and the amount of products on sale. If you like flea
markets, it will depend upon your tastes whether you like it or not.

But if you are looking of a home and want to move to Rutherford, the average rental is around
$1,000 per month and the average home sales range $400,000to $600,000
area. The city has several fine schools
for all your children’s ages, with 2 of the elementary schools grabbing a 9 out
of 10 rating and 1 getting an 8. Educating your child will not be difficult in

The colonial feel may be what will attract you to this city and help you call it home. It
certainly has attracted others who have purchased homes and moved into the
city. Or it could be the quiet neighborhoods that populate this little city
that draws your interest. Either one is a good reason to check the city out and
see if it is the right place for you.

Being near New York City is also a good draw as one can enjoy the quiet, colonial lifestyle
during the week then head into New York for a weekend of plays, fine dining or
even shopping, including a visit to the New York Garment District.

Or if you are not a fan of the busy New York Night Life you can always go to the local
Rutherford Memorial Library and borrow a book or two for you and your children
and cozy up next to a great fire and read.

Whatever your tastes, Rutherford has it for you. It is a quaint town lost among all the big


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