Fair Lawn New Jersey, with a population numbering over 35, 000 people, is a fully functioning town, and since 1912 has been filled with friendly successful people. According to Wikipedia, it’s an incorporated collection of different or diverse neighborhoods, and each of these have its own unique vibe and character. It has been rated as among the 10 ten best places you can live in New Jersey. There are many things to talk about Fair Lawn. But this article is going to discuss top 10 things to do in Fair Lawn. Read on…

1. Campgaw Mountain

This is the northernmost ridge of Watchung Mountains. Consequently, it provides Bergen County fun-loving people a host of outdoor activities plus attractions, specifically because its ecosystems are not similar to those of its nearest or closest counterparts. Campgaw Mountain in particular is famous for skiing on its slopes, and perfect for skiers having a wide range of experience.

2. Garden State Plaza Mall

This is the biggest mall of its kind, which can be found in New Jersey State. It provides among the best opportunities for shopping to Bergen County people as a result. It hosts 285 stores together with several restaurants and a movie theater.

3. Bergen County Zoo

The Bergen County Zoo, just like most zoos, provides interested people the opportunity to see and marvel at rare, exotic animals while also having exciting fun with other attractions and amusements. For instance, it features pony rides, carousel, and live animal events at affordable costs.

4. The Meadowlands

This refers to 30.4 square miles of land, found along Hackensack River. This implies that it’s not just a single attraction, but a collection of amazing attractions for those interested in exciting spectacles. For instance, it hosts the Meadowland Racetrack that provides thoroughbred racing in the fall and harness racing during other seasons. Another spectacle is the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament that provides excellent cuisine and drinks while you watch medieval reenactors battle one another with lances and swords. Then there’s the MetLife Stadium hosting major sporting and kids events on a regular basis.

5. Bergen Equestrian Center

Do you have a thing for horses? If yes, this is the place you should be. Bergen Equestrian Center provides interested people the opportunity to train how to ride horses and learn more about care of these humble creatures through touring their facilities. The events here, in other words, may be educational even as they’re entertaining.

6. Saddle River County Park

Saddle River County Park, in total, encompasses 577 acres which follow the Saddle River and its tributaries. The acres are divided into five areas, and these are linked by a multi-use path ideal for both pedestrians and cyclists. Note that full access to amenities which may be found in some of the areas requires a permit, and this may be got from relevant Bergen County authorities at a fee.

7. Space

This is a private venue for individuals who need to host celebrations for either children or adults. But its big size and a host of amenities makes it quite unique. So if you intend to host a wedding, bar mitzvah or any other event, you may count on excellent catering and convenience with a wide range of entertainment activities.

8. Bluewater Divers

New Jersey state is not a place most people would easily find scuba diving opportunities. But Bluewater Divers provides interested people the opportunity to scuba dive in its heated pool.

9. Pontoon Boat Tours

Hackensack River is one example of a New Jersey landscape worth seeing. It offers several opportunities to have excitement and fun, both in the river itself and the marshland surrounding it. Among the best ways you are going to experience the river is by Pontoon Boat Tours that provides a guided tour of the landscape.

10.The Winemaker’s Cellar

Lastly, when you feel wine is good for your stomach, this place provides you the opportunity to see the process of winemaking before you receive firsthand experience with the art of winemaking. But when planning to make some wine of your own, you ought to know that the prices may be steep, specifically when you are planning to make use of the Winemaker’s services. Consequently, you should ensure you are aware what you’re actually getting into before proceeding.

That’s it for Fair Lawn New Jersey top 10 attractions. But there are many things you still have to learn and do in the place. It also has a rich history and geography, for instance. But the above top attractions provides you with valuable snippets of what to expect in Fair lawn NJ.


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