The most visible impact of a burst pipe on your home is the discoloration of your walls. Usually, you would see yellow stains on a white wall. Then the paint would start peeling off piece by piece. The staining worsens every day until you fix the problem. Sadly, burst pipes have additional effects on your home other than the discoloration of your walls. Here is an analysis of what happens if you have a burst pipe.

The Growth of Mold and Fungi

Water is necessary for the growth of these microorganisms. A burst pipe provides them with an opportunity to access this precious resource. Consequently, they will grow and flourish in areas where leaks occur. Unfortunately, they will remain hidden for a long time. That means you will feel their effects without knowing that they are there. These effects include wheezing, coughing, and nasal stuffiness. Other people experience irritations in their eyes, throat, and on their skin. Black molds are especially dangerous because they can lead to other effects such as persistent headaches and chronic fatigue. Talk to a plumber if you suspect that you have a burst pipe so that you can prevent these health hazards.

Structural Damage to Your Home
As mentioned earlier, burst pipes lead to the discoloration of walls in your home. Additional effects include streaks, swelling, and warping. Leaks from a burst pipe can also find their way to wooden or electrical components of your home. The damage to these areas in such cases is catastrophic. This damage is particularly dangerous when it comes to electrical components because water conducts electricity. Consequently, burst pipes near electrical wires require immediate attention to prevent short circuits or incidences of electrocution. Hire a qualified plumber today to fix the problem so that the structural integrity of your home remains intact.

Unpleasant Smells and Odors
Water from a burst pipe accumulates in a particular area. Organic matter that lies in that area starts rotting leading to bad odors in your home. The growth of mold and fungi within the same area contributes to bad odors as well. Eventually, the smell will overwhelm anyone with a sensitive sense of smell. Everyone, including your visitors, will notice it at some point. In fact, a musty odor is one of the principal signs of a burst pipe in your home. Call your plumber as soon as you notice it.

The Value of Your Property Drops
The combination of all the effects mentioned above leads to one inescapable fact, i.e., the value of your property will drop because homebuyers prefer homes that are free of burst pipes. They understand that fixing the structural damage arising from burst pipes is expensive. Consequently, they would ask for a low buying price so that they can use the savings to fix the burst pipe. Maintain the value of your property by dealing with burst pipes as soon as possible.

Calling a plumber to help you with this issue is an excellent idea because doing so would prevent further damage to your home. Moreover, professionals would advise you on preventative measures you could take in future to avoid such problems. Talk to us today. We are here to assist you.


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