Plumbing problems are not an uncommon thing in modern buildings. Although plumbing is important for any building, office buildings especially require a well-oiled system to function properly. If the proper maintenance is not performed on time, then the wrong outcome can occur.

1) Overflowing toilets

Typical problems associated with overflowing toilets include clogging by paper towels and other objects that people throw into them instead of trash cans. These stains might look beautiful at a glance, but they are not. The waste will come out in the wrong place if it is not cleaned well by janitors or other persons that clean up the toilets every day.

2) Leaky Pipes

Leaking pipes can cause problems in any building. Still, office buildings need to be handled calmly to avoid damage to important business data and records located within their walls.

3) Burst Water Heater

If you live in an office building, then chances are your water heater is installed somewhere behind it. If you encounter this problem, make sure you act quickly before the whole thing explodes; because explosions tend to ruin important documents kept around your office! Water heaters can also give off harmful gases that could affect every person in the building. There are ways to tell if you have a water heater problem; make sure the following signs appear before you call for help:

· The pressure within your tank becomes very high

· The temperature of the water decreases substantially while using it

4) Leaky Faucets

Leaking faucets are not that common in offices, but they should still be taken care of immediately because continuous leaking can cause damage to important files that are kept near them. Minor leaks should be fixed quickly by tightening the washers or replacing any defective seals around them. Major leaks will require more technological approaches, which means you should call professionals who handle plumbing problems in an office setting.

5) Clogged Drains

Clogs are not uncommon in bathrooms; however, they can cause major problems if not fixed quickly. Not only will clogged drains outside the bathroom make it look like a horror film scene, but more importantly, it can lead to major flooding within your office building. If water starts to back up within the drainpipe of the toilet, then you should act immediately, or else you might fall victim to some very expensive repairs.


All in all, plumbing problems do not need to be extremely costly or time-consuming when handled properly either by yourself or through professionals who offer on-site services. These five common plumbing problems found within office buildings need to be handled on time to avoid further damage to your office building.


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