A hardwood floor will help to increase the aesthetic value of your house to a great extent. If maintained properly, hardwood can last for quite some time as compared to other alternative options like carpeting which needs deep cleansing from time to time. On the other hand, hardwood floors will not entail much maintenance and thus is a perfect investment in most of the residences out there.

Nonetheless, hardwood floors have to be also properly taken care of and you must make some efforts to make certain that they remain in top condition. However, there is one drawback with hardwood flooring which is that it does not have the ability to withstand exposure to water for a long period of time. If water is allowed to remain on the floor, there is every chance for it to get damaged in the long run (either warped or stained).

Warped flooring can manifest in different forms of plank impairment and one must take them quite seriously. On most occasions, warping can take place because of moisture buildup below the floor, and at times a nearby source of water can also result in moisture imbalance leading to warping eventually. Sometimes, the warping can be so bad that you might need to replace the boards. However, before you take that step, here are some guidelines on how to repair the hardwood floors damaged by water.

Begin by drying the floor:

In case the water is simply a puddle from the wet boots of somebody or maybe the leak in the kitchen, the best thing will be to first mop the moisture up and then dry the floor to the best of your abilities. You can make use of a hairdryer or a fan at a low setting for drying the surface plus the subfloor beneath the hardwood. You might also apply heat from below which will also help to get the job done.

Flattening the warped boards:

• It is feasible to flatten out a hardwood board which is slightly warped by placing some heavy objects on the hardwood for several days until the board does not tend to curl anymore.

• Make use of a heavier object for flattening out those boards which are warped more badly or you might even face nail the edge down while countersinking the nail heads and then use a color stick or wood filler to fill the holes.

• If it is not possible to get rid of the warp by face nailing or applying weight, it might be imperative to replace those boards that are damaged.


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