Many households in the world have pets. It’s important to keep these creatures safe and out of trouble because they’re part of the family. Pets such as cats and dogs can cause damage to household fixtures. For instance, your plumbing system might be subjected to strains. Below are key ways on how to make your plumbing pet-proof.

1. Cover Pipes

Pets have a tendency of chewing everything they’ve come across including exposed pipes. If your pets love to chew any exposed pipe it may cause damage in the home finishes and furnishings such as your walls, flooring, and facilities used in plumbing. In addition, this might cause serious damage if it interferes with the exterior pipe which supplies water to the entire home. Concurrently, your pet might incur injuries in the process of chewing exposed pipes. To minimize these damages and secure your pet from injuries, cover all the exposed pipes.

2. Use Drain Stoppers

Many pet owners normally give their pets a bath which is key for their well-being. Before washing your pet, use s drain stopper to cover all the drains. To avoid hiring a professional plumber, always use a drain stopper. This is because pets like dogs have a tendency to lose their hair which can clog your drains.

3. Always Close Your Toilet

If you’re a pet owner, you already know that some pets would want to drink from a toilet bowl. This habit is not only unhealthy for the pet but also because you spend much of your time with the pet. This isn’t safe because there are harmful residue from toilet cleaners. This residue can lead to severe health issues to both the pet and the pet owner. In case your pet falls into your toilet, this might lead to clogging because it will shed some of its fur.

4. Never Flush Cat Litter

Many cat litter commercial deceive cat owners that it’s okay to flush cat litter. This isn’t the truth because you can get your toilet clogged. When you repeatedly flush cat litter, it will build up and cause clogging in your plumbing system. Research shows that most of these pet products aren’t flush-friendly.

5. Watch where Your Dogs Dig

It’s important to trace all the locations where your dogs might be digging in the yard. A dog can be reliable and tricky at times. A dog trainer can help your dog understand what makes you happy. When your dog digs in the yard, it may not only ruin the layout and look of your yard but also cause damage to your plumbing lines. Digging from your lovely and powerful dog will expose and damage the pipes in the sewer line. Don’t incur these losses of hiring plumbing services while you can keenly monitor the movements of your dog.

6. Outside Rinse

Pets particularly the dogs gets dirt rolling in the environment. Rinse your dog outside to prevent shed hair from clogging your drains. Don’t rinse your dog in your bathroom or bathtub because it will shed a lot of matted, muddy fur.


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