Winter is one of the seasons that we are supposed to be careful especially on how we handle major components in our homes. During this cold season, pipes can freeze and crack to such a level that they spew hundreds of gallons of water in your house. However, there are so many steps that you can take to prevent damage during the winter season, some of them are as follows.

1. Cleaning your sump pit and pump

It’s very important for you to inspect and clean the sump pump and pit where it rests before the winter season. When your pump is exposed to cold it can freeze making it unable to work. If the pump malfunctions there is a high possibility that water can enter the basement and causing flooding.

2.Drain and close all the shut-off valves which are leading to the outdoors

In case you have any interior shut-off valves which lead to outdoor faucets, you should close them so that you can drain all water from the lines. If water remains in the lines, it can freeze and cause huge damage.

3.Disconnect hoses

A hose that is filled with water and is left out in cold water is likely to freeze. In case the hose will remain connected to the faucet, there is a high likelihood that ice can back inside the pipe, making it crack. It’s good that you disconnect all hoses from the faucets, drain all water and store them.

4.Cover hose bibs

Covering your pipes you will be insulating them from losing heat, especially when exposed to heat.

5.Get an early warning

A Wi-Fi thermostat that you can use in monitoring and controlling the temperature of your home through your smartphone. You will receive a text or email alert any time that the temperature of your house drops.


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