Nowadays, we can freely say that we live in a hands-free world. Whether we are in a living room, a car, or a place of work, chances are that we are surrounded by appliances or gadgets that do not require the use of our hands. So, why should the kitchen be any different? Particularly since it’s a space where hygiene and practicality are of the utmost importance. Especially when it comes to the most essential and most used kitchen accessory – a faucet. Touchless kitchen faucets were first put to use in malls and office buildings, but they soon found the way to regular home kitchens.

Touchless kitchen faucets are, as the name says, sink faucets that you can use without the help of your hands. They don’t need nobs or levers to operate, simply placing your hand below or in front of the spout starts or stops the water stream. This allows you to easily use it even when you are occupied in other parts of the kitchen. Also, since your hands are often dirty and greasy when preparing meals or washing dishes, the hands-free feature helps keep the sink and the faucet itself clean and germ-free.

Although these faucets look simple and slick, they are rather complicated devices. Most of them are equipped with infrared motion detectors that are connected to the solenoid valve that controls the flow. This is done by the fiber optic cable placed in the spout. This way detector signals the valve when to release or stop the water. You can stop the flow by removing your hand, or time it to the desired number of minutes. Detection sensors placed at the faucet’s neck are usually designed in a way that no accidental movement can trigger them. Moreover, a valve controls the mixing of hot and cold water, thus preventing getting burned by a sudden spike of hot water.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets are commonly battery-powered, although some models can be connected to other sources of power. More advanced versions can detect several movements to perform different operations.

The benefits of installing touchless kitchen faucets are numerous. They help you multitask and keep your kitchen cleaner. Also, an automatic flow shutdown prevents excessive waste of water. They are much safer for use than ordinary faucets. especially when used by children, elderly or handicapped people. And last, but not the least, with their modern design, most of these faucets will make your kitchen space look slick and stylish.


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