Garbage disposal units often clog with food particles, especially when you fail to run sufficient water down the drain. Fortunately, you can effortlessly unclog them utilizing simple DIY techniques. Still, always ensure you go through the owner’s manual before attempting anything. Also, prior to your attempts, never forget to switch off the unit. At all costs, never insert anything through the drain without first cutting off the unit’s power supply. Well then, here are some few tips on how you can unclog your disposal unit.

How to unclog with a pair of pliers and a plunger

You can utilize a pair of pliers to unclog your disposal. You can do this by quite simply sticking its end through the unit’s blades. Should you discover food particles accumulation, reach out with the pliers to do away with any loose debris present. This sort of buildup usually comprises of fruit peels, fatty chunks of meat or even shreds of vegetables. However, make sure you do not insert your hand into the unit.

The blades of garbage disposal appliances tend to be very sharp, and you can end up cutting yourself if you are not carefully, even when the motor is switched off. After eliminating the larger chunks of debris, run the disposal again to see if it is unclogged. If this is not the case, switch it off again, and fill the sink with a couple inches of water. Next, position a plunger over the drainage hole, and proceed to plunge. Doing this will be able to create adequate suction to lift off stubborn debris from the unit. Finally, take time to scoop off the debris you have managed to remove, and see if the unit is working properly.

How to unclog the P trap

Should the above reviewed garbage disposal unclogging technique be ineffective, high chances are the P’ trap is clogged with sludge as well as grease. This particular component is essentially a pipe that takes a p’ shape and is attached to the disposal unit. It has an arm’ which is extended to the back of the cabinet, and closely resembles a faucet. While a waste tee that resembles a huge golf tee is positioned on top of it. Whenever the P’ trap is clogged, all new materials forced down the drain, will not be properly broken down and drained. So, you will certainly have to fix it.

Position a bucket together with a couple of towels beneath the P’ trap. This will enable you to make as little mess as you possibly can. Next, loosen the nuts that connect the trap to the above mentioned 2 pipes, and detach it. Once you have detached it, you will probably discover it is crammed with grime along with other debris. If this is the case, you can proceed to use your hands to manually pull them off the P’ trap. Then you should make sure you thoroughly rinse it with warm water. When it is completely clean, re-attach it to the arm and the waste tee. Finally, try to run your garbage disposal again. In the event, you still experience drainage issues, you may have to hire a plumber to snake the unit’s drain.


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