They are digital devices that regulate the temperature of the environment, keeping it in a desired range or point in order to generate comfort and pleasure in the home, office or any enclosed space. They work in a very simple way: the cold increases when the environment begins to heat, and begins to heat if it’s very cold.

They differ easily from analog thermostats since they are regulated with a wheel or thread, marking the desired temperature. The programmable digital ones in addition to allowing to regulate the temperature of the environment at our convenience, have many additional regulation elements, are much more precise and allow to be programmed depending on the season of the year, the time of day (day and night), by auto- detection and by schedules.


  • Energy savings: digital thermostats save 20-30% on heating costs per year, since the air conditioning system is only powered at the necessary times automatically. Significantly improves energy efficiency.
  • Remote operation: many digital thermostats come with WiFi functions, so it can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet through an application, and best of all, it can not only be operated from near, but from any place while you have internet access.
  • Installation without being an expert: if you want to install a programmable thermostat, it can be done by a simple individual with a guide or video on YouTube, it’s very easy and saves the money spent on technicians.
  • Adjustable to the user’s needs: the programmable thermostats can be automated to turn off when the individual leaves the home, as well as can turn it on when it detects proximity to the place by means of GPS or for a preset time.
  • Accuracy and efficiency: due to the technology of these devices, programmable thermostats bring as a benefit the enjoyment of a precise temperature, approaching very little or perfectly to that desired by the person. You take into account the parameters of the environment to adjust optimally.
  • Ease of use: programmable thermostats have cutting-edge technology, but that doesn’t imply that they are difficult to use; quite the opposite. The controls are clear, and much more that can be achieved through remote management applications. With so many facilities it saves the user a lot of time.
  • Everything on screen: we can visualize in each digital thermostat not only the temperature, but also the energy consumption or any problem that the boiler to which it’s installed presents. They usually have backlit screens, which turn on automatically at night or in low light.

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