In very simple words, a tankless water heater can be explained as such type of water heater which happen to have heating system that can either be gas or electric to warm up normal or cool water wherever the device is turned on. What separates this type of water heater from a traditional or commonly found/used water heater is the fact that it will not store the warmed/hot water, rather supply the hot water as and when need. This is the major reason why this particular type of water heater is also known as “on demand” water heater.


In recent times, this kind of water heater have gained popularity and almost every home have been switching their old traditional kind to this particular one. This is because, this water heater comes with a lot of benefits that have made it a must in every household.


As tankless system have ditched the concept of continuously heating the water in order to maintain a constant temperature, so for this reason they can effectively avoid standby heat loss. This allows to save energy which will lower the electricity bill, and most importantly it will reduce the carbon footprint of the user/household. According to surveys and studies, it was discovered that using this kind of water heater can help a household to reduce somewhere between 20% to 30% of energy consumption compared to a household using a traditional water heater.


Besides, tankless water heater also happens to be such type of a device that is safe to use and takes up less space than most types of water heater that is available in the market today. Even with such advantages, there are many people who stay away from tankless system as it costs more than a traditional water heater.


Here it is necessary to mention that one of the major feature/benefit of this particular type of water heater is that it happens to be a cost effective product. There are many reasons behind this, and the fact that it is every easy to maintain is one of the them. This is due to the fact that the water heater is not storing the water, so there is less growth of bacteria or quick deprecation of the parts.


The major reason why the tankless system happens to be cost effective is because of the fact that the expected lifetime of a genuine/high quality water heater of this kind is somewhere between 10 to 20 years. All the parts of this water heater are made with top quality materials which do not tend to breakdown or need frequent repairing or replacing.


So, even though they cost a bit more, but as it is a long lasting, durable and low maintenance product so it becomes must for every household.


They come in many different size, color, style and price range thus providing every household an option to choose according to their needs, preference and budget.


A new owner of tankless system makes the mistake of installing the device by themselves. It is advisable to avoid this. Proper installation of this water heater is important to enjoy all the benefits that come with a machine working effectively and accurately. Usually, the manufacturer or seller of tankless water heater provides installation service for their customers to help out.


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