As with any device, over time, problems will begin when you grow up. Some problems can occur with the central air conditioner; it can solve problems while others need to be diagnosed by the HVAC repair service. The central air conditioning consists of an evaporator and a condenser and is connected to the forced air distribution system in the home.  Some problems you may encounter with a central air conditioning which can make it leak:   Does not work and sometimes stops working: if it stops working, you should check the fuses and valves. You should also make sure that the thermostat is below the current temperature and that it has been set to cool down. You must also make sure that the capacitor and power supply switches are in the “ON” mode.   Turn off the compressor: this may mean that the high-pressure switch can be stopped until you can reset it by looking at the access panel from the compressor and pressing the button to reset it.   Exotic noise: If the central air conditioner emits a lot of noise, you should check if the fan blades are clean. Make sure the unit is turned off before attempting to verify the codes.   Evaporator files generate frost in them: if the temperature is less than sixty degrees with the unit, frost can accumulate in the evaporator files in the unit. When you see this happening, you should turn off the AC power unit immediately.   Coolant leak: this can happen if the central air conditioner is not installed correctly or has a low level of cooling. You should contact your CA repair service for a trained technician to solve the problem.   Leaky air conditioner: If you notice that water seeps into your system, it usually means that it does not cool. This may be the result of frozen refrigeration coils. The air flow can be caused by the insufficient or low cooling load. Again, you should contact the local CA repair service because a trained technician needs to solve this problem.   The temperature and ambient temperature do not match: if the temperature set in the thermostat is higher than the room temperature, the temperature regulator may not be calibrated correctly. The heat regulator can also be installed in an area where the air in the room can not be detected correctly.   It is on, but the air does not cool; The central air conditioning may be dirty and must be cleaned.


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