There are many products on the market that claim to be able to clean drains and pipes with a simple chemical formula. These products are often marketed as a convenient and mess-free way to resolve your drainage issues without having to call a plumber, which people think can get pricey. It sounds great in theory, but the fact of the matter is that these products do not necessarily work and can even be dangerous. These products are often made of extremely harsh chemicals and many plumbers do not recommend using these products for a variety of reasons.

The first is that these products are usually made with extremely toxic chemicals. These chemicals are hazardous to human health, and these chemicals can cause a wide variety of illnesses in people. These chemicals will usually produce fumes as well, which can linger far beyond the initial application of chemical.

The next reason is that these chemicals are often very damaging to the environment. These chemicals can travel down the drain and end up in the ocean, groundwater, rivers, lakes, and streams where they can cause damage to aquatic life and people alike.

These chemicals are dangerous, and this danger extends to your pipes. Drain cleaners are corrosive and, though they supposedly clean your pipes, they can also corrode them. This shortens the life of your plumbing and can cause expensive problems down the line. In addition, once problems do actually happen these chemicals can make repairs dangerous for any plumbers who actually attempt any repairs. This is because the fumes can remain in the pipe and the actual drain cleaner can absorb into blockages, turning a simple repair project into a difficult situation.

Of course, this all might be worth it if these chemicals worked. The problem is, however, many plumbers agree that drain cleaners don’t work. Drain issues can have a wide variety of causes and corrosive chemicals are not guaranteed to help with many of these. If the problem is in the sewage line, or involves a broken pipe, then drain cleaner will do nothing and will likely do nothing but introduce nasty chemicals into the environment.

If you are having serious issues with your drains, it is best to call a drain cleaning and plumbing professional. They can help you find a solution to your problem that does not involve dangerous chemicals and ultimately the money you spend on repairs will pay itself back in peace of mind.


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