Sewer lines are very important in every home but like everything else, they can become problematic. Since we can’t do without them, unclogging them is mandatory and very expensive. This can result in frustration especially when they become clogged regularly. This shows that you need to know the possible causes of clogs to prevent them.

Damaged pipes

A broken pipe usually prevents the smooth flow of sewage which then leads to clogging. Pipes can be broken by different factors such as corrosion caused by rust, unstable soil structure and weakened joints of the pipes. The best remedy for this is to replace the pipes. If only the faulty section may be replaced, otherwise the whole pipe will be removed.


Most of the times pipes start to sag with time. Sagging is a result of soil conditions and is usually beyond control. When this happens, clatter starts to collect at the sunken area leading to clogging. Drain snakes are the best tools to handle this type of sewer problem. They are pipes that are flexible enough to get into the sunken places to remove all the clatter.

Human error

Flashing improper materials down the drain is also a leading cause of sewer line clogs. Plastic material and food items like cheese will lead to clogging. To avoid this, ensure that you only flash waste and tissue paper. Water jets can be used to force the debris out in such cases.


Roots of trees can grow into the pipes to reach the water. The bigger these roots grow the higher the chances of breaking the sewer line. These are dealt with by chemicals that break the trees apart making it easier for the debris to flow through the pipes. In other cases, powerful jets of water may be used to cleanse the debris.

Identifying clogged sewers

Drains that aren’t fast, or different systems seem clogging at the same time are some of the signs of sewer line clogs. For example, if the bathroom and kitchen sinks together with the toilet aren’t flowing then you know it is a sewer line problem. A toilet that produces bubbles when you use the bathroom sink or water that flows into the tub when you flush the toilet is other signs that it’s time to check the sewer lines.


Before trying to rectify sewer line clogs, make sure you have assessed the situation correctly and reduced the pressure. These can be done using a camera that goes into the pipes and turning off the main water supply respectively.


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