Perhaps you are thinking of re-piping your entire house or making a decision for your new construction project. Choosing the right piping materials is very important. These days, there are many types of pipes you can pick for your home improvement project. However, plastic and copper pipes have gained more popularity with most homeowners.

Over the past few decades, plumbing technology has drastically changed. Homeowners are no longer limited to one choice. There are various options available for selection. Now, copper and plastic make fine pipes. Choosing either of them comes down to your personal preference and taste since they both show their own unique benefits and downsizes.

Difference between copper and plastic piping

Copper pipes  

Copper pipes have been in existence for many decades now. In fact, it was once the only option for plumbing. Copper is strong, durable, flexible and resistant to corrosion. Most contractors prefer copper pipes as their first option. It adds some metal taste to your water, which most people like. Here are the pros and cons of copper pipes.


They last longer than plastic pipes. The pipe can fit into tighter spaces. You can install it in thin walls or smaller spaces. Copper is resistant to chlorine and cannot corrode easily. It is completely recyclable. Resistant to bacteria. Copper is resistant to vibration damage more than plastic due to its flexible joints. They are cleaner. Copper pipes have no chemicals as opposed to plastic pipes.


Corrodes easily if the water running is acidic. It is expensive than plastic pipes. Copper pipe can be difficult to install since its joints need to be properly soldered. They are noisier when water is at high pressure.

Plastic pipes 

Plastic pipes have gained more popularity over the past few decades. They are lightweight, yet strong and durable. More new homes have adapted to plastic piping due to its unique futures and benefits. Check them out.


Plastic pipes are quitter even with high pressure as opposed to copper pipes. They are easier to install than copper. They are resistant to corrosion. They are cheaper than copper pipes. They don’t freeze easily. This is because plastic pipe does not conduct heat as compared to copper.


Plastic pipes don’t last long. They can break easily or leak over time. Their joints are not flexible. Plastic pipes are thicker than copper, hence cannot fit in tighter spaces. They are non-recyclable.

All in all, when deciding your piping options, whether plastic or coppers pipes, it is entirely up you to make a wise selection. It all depends on your personal preference and knowing what you want in your home considering factors such as durability, installation process and cost.

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