Most rural homes are not always connected with city sewer systems, but they use personal septic tanks in treating and trapping households wasted water. Apart from them experiencing costly initial water tank installations, if they are properly maintained, they offer great services for more years. However, these septic tanks may at times need to be maintained and repaired, but some signs will tell you the tanks need to be serviced.

They include:

1. Water Pooling.       If you experience pooling water, then you will know the septic tank needs to be serviced. It occurs in most places but the attention is particularly paid around and inside the drain field. When the tank pools water, it shows that it is full. When it works well, the wastewater should be pooled out, but when solid particles clog the field pipes, they collect water waste which rises on the drain field surface.

2. Experiencing Foul odors.  When you have a full septic tank, your smelling sense will know it if there is some foul odor. The waste household water is every disposed water from your houses like bathtubs water, kitchen water, bathroom sinks, cloth washer, and dishwasher water and the toilet too. All wastage in the septic system emits foul odors smells when the tank is full. When you are relaxing outside your home and realize a stinky smell, on the septic tank or drain field, you should think of having it serviced.

3. Slow drainage.    Slow drain in your home is not always convenient since it indicated you need to pump whatever is in the septic tank. You can use drain cleaning products that are commercialized and if they slowly drain out your septic tank, then remember the time you last repaired your tank. The toilets may experience slow drainage too, and when this occurs even when the plunger has been used, then know that the septic tank is almost extremely full.

4. The Sewage backups.  Of course, it is normal that everyone doesn’t want the sewage to back up in their bathtubs, toilets, or even sinks but when the septic tank is excess full, then it may be forced to behave this way. Sewage backups are rare but when experienced, then be sure to have your tank serviced and repaired immediately. You will realize your home experiences sewage backups when you see sticky and black wastes on your sinks or any opening that leads to the septic tank.  When you service and repair your septic tanks properly, then it will have a long lifespan for serving you. If you don’t have it maintained in advance, such solid wastes may make life in and outside your home uncomfortable like experiencing air pollution that may affect even neighbors.


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