As the temperature becomes low, we are reminded that it’s an ideal opportunity to start thinking about winterizing your pipes. Plumbing maintenance is an essential part of homeownership. Although no one enjoys preparing pipes for the winter, the harm it can prevent can save you a considerable number of dollars. Water freezes, but when it freezes inside your pipes, the outcomes can be particularly unpleasant.

Here are the tips for preparing your pipes:

Turn off outdoor faucets and detach hoses.

You need to turn the water to your outdoor faucets off at the main valve and allow the water to run out. If water continues to drip, your main valve needs to be fixed. For hoses, make sure that they are drained of water and bring them indoors.

Keeps warm air flowing

To make sure that your indoor pipes don’t freeze, open your bathroom cabinets and kitchen. This permits the warm air from your HVAC system to circulate under the sinks and around the uncovered pipes.

Insulate your pipes

Pipes that are prone to colder temperatures like those in the basement or attic are prone to freezing. Fold the heat cable and insulation around the pipes to ensure they are warm and water flows throughout the winter.

Let the water trickle

When the temperature is low, leave your water on. Its sounds unreasonable, however letting a little trickle of running water goes through the pipes can avoid freezing. Your water bill may be higher, but it will be in any case less expensive than fixing the damaged pipe.

Check your heating

Is it warm enough in your home to shield your pipes from freezing? This is the best time to test your HVAC system and investigate any issue. Winter will be here before you realize and looking on an HVAC restoration could increase your plumbing issues.

Consider a smart home thermostat regulator system

Some Wi-Fi empowered smart home thermostat systems will monitor the temperature of your homes and send a text alert when it gets too cold.

Seal any holes you discover

Many individuals like to use expandable foam in sealing holes in their home, especially between floor joists. This removes cold air and allows heat in which ensures your indoor pipes don’t freeze.

Shut the water off before vacation

Shouting water before vacation will ensure no water is flowing into your pipes; thus, you don’t have to worry about water damage while you try to enjoy your holiday.


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