Your drainage system normally serves a very important purpose in your home. You will note that your drains normally allow waste and sewerage to leave your home. If you allow this waste to remain in your home, your home might have a bad odor. This is the reason why you should ensure that your drains should be in a good condition. However, drains normally get clogged from time to time. There are many things that can clog your drains.

These include:

1. Hair.  Your hair might find its way to your drains. You will note that if you are fond of making your hair at home, it might get to your drains without your knowledge. This can be detrimental. You will realize that hair can actually bind with grease and other sticky substances and thereby clog the drains. You should therefore prevent hair from getting into your drains by installing guards in order to trap this hair. You should also clear these guards from time to time in order to prevent these problems.

2. Soap.  Did you know that soap can clog your drains? This is because soaps are normally made of fat. This fat in the soap can actually combine with minerals present in the water and leave a soap scum. This scum can clog your drains. It is therefore important that you pressure wash your drains regularly in order to prevent this problem.

3. Food waste.  Food waste is common in most homes. This happens if you have many leftovers in your homes. Potato peels might also find their way to your drains. Your drains might get clogged. Some of the food wastes in your home normally have grease and other components that can make your drains to get clogged. You should dispose your food waste well. You can get a dustbin bin for disposing your food waste. You should not allow this waste to get to your drainage system in order to prevent this problem. This can make the problem of drain clogs in your home to be a thing of the past.

4. Small objects.  If you have kids, you might buy some toys for them. These small toys might get their way to your drainage system. These objects can clog your drainage system. You should not even allow your child to make these objects to your toilet. This is because your drains might get clogged in the long run.

5. Excess dirt  Excess dirt can clog the drainage system of your home. If you are about to clean your home, you should first remove all the debris that might be on the floor and then clean your home. You should also remove all the mud that might be on your clothes before washing them. Remember that excess dirt might not flow smoothly down your drainage system. Getting rid of this dirt first can help to prevent this problem.  Too much toilet paper can also clog your drains. You should reduce the amount of tissue paper that you use on a daily basis. You should not allow these objects to find their way to your drainage system. This can help prevent the problem of drain clogs. This has worked well for many homeowners. It can also work well for you.

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