In many areas of daily life, people always depend on household water supplies, such as cooking, cleaning and, above all, drinking. Then, if something goes wrong with your water, you may be in danger although you may think that water problems are limited to underdeveloped areas and countries, the fact that contaminated water is known to cause serious medical problems to people.


Backflows are a fairly common problem caused by backwaters and can contaminate both the water supply and the main water line.   The water supply is designed for residential buildings so that water flows ideally in one direction and, therefore, remains clean for affected families. However, sometimes, some unconventional conditions (such as the sudden loss of pressure in the water pipe) can lead to the flow of water in the opposite direction, which can lead to possible contamination. This destructive phenomenon is known as the islands. The only way to keep the house water-free from toxins is to introduce ways to prevent reflux.

Air gaps 

Perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective way to prevent backflow is in the form of air space. The air space is an open space between a tap connected to a health system and any place where water can be collected (for example, between a tap and the edge of a pool). The purpose of this design is to prevent the flow of pelvic water to the public system and contaminants from entering the mix.

Backflow Preventers 

Another good way is to use the return flow block, a device located next to the main shutoff valve in a building or at home. This can prevent the siphon from happening in a building and prevent the flow of water back to the capital city. Flow prevention tools are so important that they try to avoid reverse flow problems, so in many countries flow prevention systems must be tested once a year through a licensed test.  In recent years, modern health codes have been developed to calculate backflow prevention. However, when the house is older, the code may not be what it should be. Also, backflow prevention devices can be removed gradually, like all appliances. Therefore, it is good to hire a plumbing company to inspect the plumbing system and, if necessary, apply additional methods to avoid backflow.  Contaminated water can cause serious health problems, including death. If you want to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of clean water, you must make sure that the backflow prevention settings are appropriate. By using a company that specializes in preventing backflow, you can help make your home safer.


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