If untreated and unmanaged, low water pressure can turn a minor inconvenience into untold stress and stress for homeowners. That’s why water pressure testing equipment is an essential tool for plumbers. Controlling water pressure in a home is the first step in solving a water pressure problem and is one of the most important jobs a plumber can do.

Water pressure test equipment

The current market has several different types of water pressure test equipment that are suitable for various jobs. For example, when hydrants are tested, hydrant test equipment is used. When testing water pressure in large plumbing systems, for example in a building or commercial complex, much larger and more complex equipment is used. When testing the water pressure in a home, a smaller water pressure test kit can be used.

Reasons why there might be low water pressure in the home’s plumbing

Many people are frustrated when they open their water taps just to see that the water has no pressure. If you are an owner, there may be several reasons why your water pressure is low, and there are steps you can take to try to solve the problem before calling a plumber.

The water valve is not completely open

This may seem obvious, but countless
people have ended up calling a plumber unnecessarily because they have not
checked to see if the valve that connects their home to the main plumbing
system is completely open. If you have worked in your home before closing the
water, it is good to check that the valve is fully open before moving on.

There is a blockage in the tap.

A small piece of debris on your faucet
could affect the water pressure, therefore, before calling the plumber, unscrew
the faucet and check for debris inside.

There is the scale of lime.

The accumulation of limestone in your
pipes can cause low water pressure, especially when accumulating inside the
shower heads. If your house has a limestone problem, it could cause a lot of
damage to your plumbing and appliances, so if you have a file, discard it as
soon as possible.

You live in an apartment.

Often, in high-rise buildings, especially
those that have existed for several decades, the larger the building, the
greater the water pressure. This is because the water is pumped from the bottom
of the building to the top, which means that more pressure is needed to get a
good flow of water on the upper floors of the building. If you think this might
be the reason for the low water pressure in your building, the best thing to do
is to talk to your building manager and ask them to solve the problem.

Call in A Plumber

Once you have studied all these
possibilities and still cannot find the source of your water pressure problem,
the next step is to hire a plumber to go to your home and use the water
pressure test equipment to deal with the problem.


Not all of the mentioned problems can be
fixed easily. Some of them need a professional touch for a perfect restoration.
Do not tress yourself so much with these problems just hire a licensed plumber
to restore the right water pressure in your home.


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