With the innovations of new technologies, Industries are growing day by day resulting they are producing such kind of wastages which is creating impurities in the natural sources. Water is one of the natural sources which is becoming a victim of these big industries. Most of the industries are sending their wastages to the natural water sources and making water impure. Water resources like lake, rivers, ponds, and seas all are being polluted just because of the Industries’ garbage wastes.

Water is the life that is why it is the most indispensable source. Most of the people are in the world who are depending upon these natural sources of water. They are directly drinking water from rivers and waterfalls. They get their daily life basic things done with the dependence of water sources. Below is the major cause which causes the water pollution.

Why water is being polluted

Factory waste: Factories wastage containing chemical substance like petrochemicals, lead, nitrogen etc are throwing directly into the water source through sewage.

Garbage: Garbage like solid substances, polythenes etc all are causing water pollution when they get to mix with it.

Oil and Petrochemicals: Oils are petrochemicals are also causing water pollution. When ships and submarines are carrying a large number of oils but sometimes due to leakage of tanks and containers causing the sea water pollution.

Global warming: Global warming is the main reason for water is getting polluted. With the increase of global warming affect the temperature of the water is also rising hence causing pollution.


So now we know the main reasons which are causing water pollution. The question is how to extract good quality healthy water while there is so much pollution. The answer is Back flow testing. Let’s walk through words by words what is it and how it is important in your home. In today’s world, everyone needs to know about back flow testing process. Because we are the generation who needs to take care of
natural resource before it is late.

What is Back flow Testing?

In the uncomplicated words, Back flow is the process in which dirty impure water gets flow back into clean drinking
water and starts making it impure. In the back flow testing process, the task is
to keep the dirty water away from the pure drinking water so it does not get
mix with pure one. With the use of back flow testing devices, it is very easy to
maintain the purity level of water. Plumbers that are doing back flow testing
maintains the health safety measures so that you can enjoy the crystal clear
clean drinkable water. There is no doubt the dirty impure water contain harmful
chemicals like petrochemicals, mercury, lead and even dangerous gases like
nitrogen and methane.

Back flow testing devices are designed to keep the dirty water away from the drinkable water. It also blocks
the connection between the pipes of dirty and clean water in your home. The
most common back flow testing method is air gaps which allows water to flow only
in one straight direction so that it does not get back into your building

The devices contained a series of check valves which works as a blockage for the dirty water keeping the flow
distance between pure one. It maintained the pressure level between both of the
lines and secure the pure water. The plumbing experts always take care of the
whole process.

Why Back flow testing is so important in homes

Since back flow testing process of water is making sure the purity of water, Everyone wants to stay healthy and
enjoy the life. Back flow testing keeping your home water drinkable and healthy.
Impure water can cause the below health problems.


  • Contaminated water can destroy the inner
    organs and increase the risk of cancer.
  • It also can become the cause of infertility.
  • Serious impact on liver functions and digestion system.
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Stomach problems
  • A vomiting and severe headache.

With mentioning of these health issues, it is really important to do backflow testing in your homes so that you and your children can stay healthy to live at best.


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