Old houses are enchanting, but they have one major problem: faulty plumbing and air condition systems. Many old houses were built using unique specifications and plumbing materials that are expensive in the modern. The following are common plumbing problems in old houses.


Most of the old houses have copper pipes that have a very high resale value. Piping was done before banning lead, which may lead to corrosion since overtime metals corrode. When the protective zinc coating in galvanized steel fades away, then pipes become suspectable to rust. When not changed overtimes, they would make the water unsafe to use.


Over time, old houses may get clogged due to foreign objects. If you live in an old house, you will clogged toilets from time to time. The following are different causes of clogging in old homes.

  • Toilet paper: This is the leading cause of toilet clogs in old houses. To avoid this, avoid flushing a lot of toilet paper at one time.
  • Soap scum: When hard water and soap come into contact, it forms a thick white substance that sticks on your shower or sides of your tub. This causes water to drain slowly hence clogging.
  • Grease: Grease and oil are the major causes of kitchen sink clogging in old houses. When you leave oils plates and pots in the sink, the oil drops down the sink. With time it solidifies in the pipes resulting in a clogged sink.

Tree root intrusion

With old houses, tree roots may have penetrated through your sewer lines. Only experienced plumbers can verify if you have this plumbing problem. If you live in old houses, you should schedule regular inspections to keep tree roots away from tour sewer lines.

Outdated connection fixtures

There is nothing that lasts forever. Older houses normally have fixtures, faucets, and supplies that their lifespan has ended. Pipe corrosion and general wear and tear may lead to low water flow, leaks, and broken knobs inconveniencing water use in the house. An outdated connection may also increase water bills due to leakages.

If you live in an old house, getting a professional plumber may seem expensive. However, it is an essential thing to ensure the smooth running of kitchen sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. With old houses, professional plumbers will replace most of the piping with new ones because most will have reached their lifespan. Do thorough research before hiring a professional plumbing company to get the best value for your money.


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