Preventing your sink drains from clogging is challenging. But you can learn about what causes drain clog and how to avoid them. Preventing sink drain clogs will extend the lifespan of your sink.

The following are the most common things that cause sink drain clogs

A) Food

Food fragments from leftovers do get stuck in sink pipes. The fragments build up and block water flow. Even the fragments small enough to pass through the sink and the pipes unscathed get stuck and build up to form clogs. Make sure your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, and it is working correctly. Avoid letting food slip into the sink drain.

B) Small Items

Small items can clog drains. If you have tried to clear a clog by cleaning or plunging and you have not succeeded, there might be a small item stuck in the way. You can try to remove the lodged item using a wire or bent hunger. Ensure you find the cause of the clog so that you can prevent further clogging.

C) Coffee Grounds

Avoid flushing coffee grounds because they clump together and block pipes. They pack together and form clogs that are hard to break. A disposal lacks features that can slice up coffee grounds to prevent them from bunching up in your sink; hence it cannot be relied upon to stop coffee ground clogs.

D) Grease

Never flush grease down your sink. Thick, sticky grease will gum up your sink pipes. Cooked food such as bacon and vegetables create food grease which sticks to pipe walls as it goes down the drain. Then it will be able to catch all things that get into the pipe after it resulting in a clog.

Food grease has several uses, and you can save it for use when you will be cooking again. You can also find a disposable receptacle such as a box or can, put the grease in and throw it out.

E) Soap Scum

Water contains minerals. When these minerals react to the fatty acid contained in soaps, they form a soap scum. Soap scum is mostly found in appliances that frequently come into contact with hard water. Soap scam starts small, and it builds up and blocks water flow, leading to a clog.

Soap scum builds up over time depending on whether you use heavy duty soap or you use a lot of soap when using the sink. You can avoid this by pouring boiling water or ammonia solution down your drains because it will melt the soap scum. Hence the clogs will end, and water will flow down your drains.

Clean your drains occasionally to avoid frequent clogging. Be careful when disposing of the things mentioned above. If you notice any clog, it is a sign you require a drain cleaning. You may decide to unclog it yourself or hire experts. Experts will advise you on how to prevent clogging and extend the lifespan of your sink and its pipes.


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