A complete house or apartment, and any shelter really, have a toilet facility that is used by all for human body excretion. The toilet set consists of two main parts and that is the bowl and the tank. The tanks serves the purpose of keeping water that is used to flush down waste,
and the bowl is used to dispose of waste and is the connection to the drainage system.

To ensure that the toilet system is working properly and service its purpose to the maximum, the plumbing system needs to be fully functional and committed to its duties.

There are a number of toilet plumbing problems that can be experienced throughout the lifecycle of your toilet. Below are some common toilet plumbing issues and ways that you can fix or have them fixed for you:

  1. A weak flusher – this happens when you have one of the old generation toilet sets,
    where the tank size is small and thus requiring a number of flushes before the
    waste can disappear completely. For this issue, you may want to consider
    getting a toilet set with a bigger tank.


  1. Partial flushing but strong –the issue here could be that the valve is too fast to
    drop, and whereas it should be staying up at least until four fifths of the
    water is out of the rank. Similarly with this, you may find yourself needing to
    re-flush. You need to observe the flapper, and get a plumber to fix it.


  1. A drop in the water level in the bowl – the bowl keeps a small amount of water in it to
    help move the waste. At times you may find that the water in the bowl is
    dropping to a lower level than it is supposed to keep. This could be caused by
    a toilet paper clog that may be sucking up all the water. You may want to call
    in the plumber to assist with this issue.


  1. Dripping tank- after flushing the toilet, you may hear that the tank is still releasing
    water due to the handle not automatically going back up, or it has reached a
    point where it can’t stay up. This is an issue that requires attention quickly,
    as it leads to a waste of water. The plumber should be contacted as soon as


  1. Tub and sink with a loud suction sink – this is when you flush your toilet and then all
    of a sudden you hear a loud sound from your sink and tum, that sounds like it
    is sucking the water from every pipe. This is a sign that there is a clog in
    the vent pipe of the toilet. Unless you have plumbing expertise and experience,
    you may want to call in a professional plumber for this issue.

While these are a few of the problems that you may be experiencing with your toilet plumbing system, you need to get a professional plumber to help you sort these out. As an added measure, as the home owner, you need to make sure that no unauthorized objects end up in you toilet bowl as these could cause major clogs in the drainage system and lead to many other issues in your plumbing system.

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