In all houses things tend to break down and it’s usually normal to avoid expenses, so the first thing you do is to try to fix them by yourself and that’s perfect! But for this you should definitely have a good set of tools in your possession so here are the top 7 plumbing tools you need:

1.- Wrench: This is one of the most common tools, and the one you will use most in any type of breakdown you find. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to have only one, since there are different measures.

2.- Pipe cutter: Like wrenches, pipe cutters are available in different sizes. With this tool, you’ll be able to fix almost any tool in your way

3.- Blowtorch: A more advanced plumbing tool that you can use to seal and join different pieces. You should always use it in safety conditions, and following the instructions indicated by the manufacturer.

4.- Faucet Spanner: A complement for the wrench. It will help you with all those nuts or pieces that the wrench couldn’t handle.

5.- Bow Saw: With this type of saw, you can easily cut pipes of different materials. Don’t forget that the model of arc saw that you have to use, will depend on the material from which the pipes you need to cut are made.

6.- Siphon Pincer: With this plumbing tool you can grab and screw in pipes and other accessories. It’s a good way to handle parts in places that are hard to reach.

7.- PVC Cutter: Its name explains itself: with these special scissors you can easily cut pipes made of PVC.

These plumbing tools are the simplest, and they’ll help you get started and deal with many of the small problems that may arise in any particular home. Over time you will surely have to add many more tools to complete your work case.

Don’t forget that all this is fine for breakdowns and minor jams. In case you encounter a really serious breakdown don’t do experiments. Always turn to a professional plumber.


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