The COMBI boiler is the short name “combination boiler”, which means that both hot water and central heating are penetrated throughout the house from one device is a special type of condensing boiler, which is used for the production of hot water upon request of central heating and domestic taps. Conventional boilers used in traditional central heating systems store heated water in copper cylinders to provide domestic hot water. Combined boilers, on the other hand, do not have such a hot water tank, which means that you save a lot of space and also reduce the heat loss from the already accumulated heated water. In essence, this means that combined boilers are more energy-efficient than other types of boilers.

Central heating systems, which include multi-function boilers, have fewer components compared to other types of boilers. Cold water is taken directly from the network, and there is no need for a cold water tank, which saves space by reducing the number of components used in the system. Hot water is not stored in the multi-function boiler, because the water is heated directly from a cold energy source during use. There is no need for an electric pump, and you can use hot water at any time.

COMBI boilers works according to two basic principles that have been combined and are well compatible, and therefore have better performance and dominate many other competitors. The first rule is to heat the water that you need, without using a cylinder, as in previous models, which means that we have a heating boiler and a water heater itself, which created a very efficient machine working under pressure, a pressure system. Water supply provides water to the entire house without the need for a separate water pump.

Currently, these boilers are widely rated in terms of energy efficiency and have received an “A” rating, which is the rating assigned to most energy-saving appliances, mainly household appliances, which continue to popularize the boiler, which has growing demand across international borders, and manufacturers in They are currently striving to meet this demand, which has led to increased production and a reduction in the risk posed by old boilers, and has helped make boilers mandatory. All houses with energy and pressure efficiency because the titmouse uses mains pressure to supply hot water throughout the house.

In addition, it should be understood that COMBI boilers effectively heat the house, regardless of where it is located, because all the heat will be distributed evenly, and the maintenance of this boiler is very low, it can be at least once a year, and this is preferable, and the warranty also extends for one year. Combined boilers are a boiler of the future from all points of view.


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