Furnaces existed since time immemorial. Earlier, it was used to manufacture ceramic objects, but now this device is used for heating. The furnace is a generic name, and it refers to the industrial furnaces used in oil refinery plants. These furnaces are used as heat source for various needs for high-temperature heating, that arise in any chemical plant. The fuel to this furnace can be a combustible material or electricity. The ones running on electricity are called the electric arc furnace. There are also induction type furnaces. Heating is achieved through the process of induction. In certain chemical based industries, this direct fired heater is used for applications demanding the boiling point temperatures of certain metals. The ones developed lately have various supporting facilities to make the heating process an easier task.

A household furnace is used to provide heating to the interiors of the house. This is different from the ones used in the industries. The most common fuel for the domestic furnace is the natural gas. There are other cheaper options also, but the maintenance for such heating systems is a little difficult. The metallurgical furnaces are a type of industrial furnace. There are different types of furnaces used for metallurgical purposes. To extract a metal from the naturally occurring ore, various types of furnaces are employed. The common ones are blast furnaces, steel making ones, puddling furnaces, reverberation type, Electric arc furnace, electric induction type. Different type of furnace is used to remelt metal for various purposes. There are vacuum type ones, to achieve higher temperatures in the furnace.

Industrial furnaces are the ones that are used in reactors and are different from the ones used in metallurgical process. The direct fired heater consists of different sections for the heating purpose. Though the heaters developed nowadays have more facilities and devices, the basic structure must have the important components like the radiant section which consists of the coils that receive heat from the radiation of the flame.

To make sure that you get quality furnace repair services and are not ripped by unscrupulous technicians, it is important that you don’t be a total novice and know a little about the basic working of a furnace and the common problems it may have. For instance, a furnace that cannot heat the home to a preferred temperature is likely to have a faulty thermostat. It is the thermostat that controls the heater and heating output. If it is unable to read the temperature accurately, it won’t direct the furnace to maintain that desired temperature.

Another common issue with a furnace is that its pilot light may go off frequently. This may indicate a problem with the gas supply you have at your place, or it can even result from a faulty thermo-couple that stems the gas flow to the furnace. You might also face problems like gas leakages or jamming of the vent that can happen due to snow.

Whatever be the issue with your furnace, you must ensure that you have it handled by a reputable furnace repair company. The comfort and safety of your family and your property are your foremost concerns and you, obviously won’t want to take any chances with it. Even the most minor of problems should be attended to in time so that they don’t lead to bigger and costlier repairs or replacements.


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